Our Belief:

Every cake marks a special moment of joy. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers – milestones in our lives.

And everyone deserves the best during these occasions.

That is why Montreux bakes cakes that not only taste great, but also bring back these wonderful memories at the very first bite.


Our History:

It all started from a little cafe in Siglap Centre.

We made sure our chefs used only the freshest ingredients, took the utmost care in baking every cake, and delivered only the best taste to our customers.

And this basic belief made all the difference.

Customers from across the country started swarming to our cafe, claiming that our cakes tasted like the ones from their childhoods, the ones which their grandmothers would buy for them from the humble little bakery tucked away at the street corner.

It was then we realised that Montreux not only delivered great tastes, we rekindled great memories.

That is why we’ve decided to go online: To spread this joy to you.


Your Assurance:

All our products are made-to-order to ensure that whatever you’re eating is straight from our ovens.

Combined with our extremely strict hygiene and quality procedures, you can be assured that the cakes and pastries you enjoy are safe and healthy.