1. I want to order a customised cake. How far in advanced should I place my order and what is the minimum size?

Simply upload a picture of your desired design HERE and we will contact you as soon as we can to discuss the specifications. You should send us your request at least 7 days prior to the intended delivery day. The minimum size of the cake will depend on the design, and they usually weigh at least 2.0kg.

2. Does Montreux Cakes have a physical store in Singapore?

We closed our store in Siglap Centre and shifted operations online since November 2010. With our online store, we are able to share the same wonderful tastes of Montreux with more people at even greater convenience.

3. What are your office operating hours?

Our office opens Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm,  except Saturday,Sunday and  public holidays. If you wish to contact us after our office hours, you can send your enquiries to info@montreuxcakes.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

4. How do I keep my cakes after receiving them?

All our cakes are best kept in chiller condition (4°c) at all times. After receiving your cakes, it can be kept at room temperature for a maximum of 1/2 hour prior to consumption.

5. Do you make customised cakes of cartoon characters?

Due to copyright and licensing issues, we do not use images of popular characters for our cakes. But if you would really like to have one, do obtain a letter of authorisation from the respective department or company that allows the usage of a logo, image, text, and/or character, and we’ll be more than happy to bake you your special cake.

6. What cake size is most appropriate for my party?

Here’s a rough estimate of the cake size you should order for your party

  • 1.0kg- 12-16 people
  • 2.0kg- 24-30 people
  • 3.0kg- 36-42 people
  • 4.0kg- 48-54 people
  • 5.0kg- 60-66 people

7. Can I make amendments to or change my order?

Yes, only if you let us know more than 3 working days before your intended delivery date. Simply call us at 6445 5798 from 10am-5pm, Monday – Friday and tell us your order reference number.

8. What are your delivery charges like?

For orders above $50.00 before discount, delivery is absolutely free. Orders below $50.00 before discount, we will imposed a $12.00 delivery charge. Please click on our terms and conditions at the checkout page for more details.

9. Can I cancel a confirmed order?

Once your order is confirmed, you are not allowed to cancel your order. There will be no refund of all payment/deposit upon a cancellation of a confirmed order.

10. Payment method

Should you wish to make your payment through internet transfer banking or PAYPAL:

Please kindly made your payment at least 4 days in advance to any of the below following bank account / PAYPAL account. Kindly email us your transaction number and bank name after the transfer for verification and confirmation so we can proceed with your order.

Confirmation invoice will be email to you once the payment transaction is verify and completed.

*UOB Current     : 368-300-093-9

*POSB Savings :  065-40604-7

*OCBC Starter   :  591-106422-001

Visit www.paypal.com to make payment to our PAYPAL account

*PAYPAL Account: info@montreuxcakes.com